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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Which Instrument Should My Child Start On?

We hear it all the time; "I want to start my child in music lessons but I don't know which instrument would be the best"  This is a common question and many people may have probably heard someone say that piano lessons are the best instrument to begin musical training.  This common belief does have some merit. The piano is an easy instrument from a technical stand point; curved fingers and and good posture and you're on your way! Also; music theory is laid out right on the keyboard, making traditional, classical theory training easier to understand and easier to teach. You see? everyone is happy:)

There is another line of thought that challenges the belief of piano being the only choice for a first instrument. A psychologist may tell you that the best instrument for your child to start out on would be the one that he or she likes the most.  Yes; I like it!  A happy student is a productive student. Give them what they want and you may find that your hard earned cash that you spend on piano lessons or drum lessons will be well spent.  Not that all the problems associated with lessons would be solved.  For example if your child is a teenager or younger, you will still need to guide them to good practice habits.  The idea is; once they are there practicing, they will enjoy the practice more.  A relaxed brain learns much easier, (more psychology) , and creative ideas will flow smoothly.

Finally, as a professional teacher, I can tell you that often our best students started right out on more than one instrument, and often piano is on the list.